Traveling with a sick pet: Dos & Don’ts

Traveling with sick pets

Have a furry friend that you don’t want to leave behind on your next family vacation? This blog has you sorted for your next family vacation that will include your furry member as well. Pet travel can be a little scary for first-timers, but knowing your pet has its loving owner by its side makes it doable.

Traveling with a sick pet isn’t easy and might get risky at times, but some tips here will help you take care of your sick pet.

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1. Hydration is key

No matter what the illness is, your pet should be hydrated at all costs. Depending on the condition, put in a water bowl, but if the condition is serious. Also, it might get hard to place a water bowl while traveling, so a syringe or a water bottle might come in handy. A syringe filled with water during small intervals, preferably every hour, would be ideal.

2. Medications

During pet travel, make sure your pet is getting all the medication it needs. Pack the medicines properly that are prescribed by the vet. Also, make sure to keep reminders for the specific medicine times. 

Suppose you cannot reach your vet on time or in a situation where running to a vet is quite a problem. In that case, you can always rely on veterinary telehealth services like WaggleVet to get help with any pet-related questions no matter big or small. 

3. Practice Hygiene

Most of the time, we humans also can ignore basic hygiene when we get sick. But when traveling with a sick pet, one should take special care of their grooming. Some things are to be taken care of beforehand, e.g., dental care, regular trim, brushing, nail cleaning, and trimming. Bacteria and germs can cause your pet to get even sicker and feel more sluggish than they actually are. Of course, you can’t give your pet a full blast bath during traveling, but wet wipes might come in handy. Take anti-bacterial wipes with you on the go. Your pet will feel super refreshed and relaxed.

4. Good Diet

Traveling with a sick pet might get you thinking about what foods to prepare beforehand. But the simpler, the better. Your pet needs nothing more than bland foods. Blended chicken and rice are an excellent option to keep. Also, remember to keep something fluid like chicken broth that you can spoon feed them if they can’t eat on their own. When sick, we need to ensure our pet gets all the nutrients even if they take small portions of food. So make sure whatever food you’re carrying is highly nutritious. It might include porridge food as well. But make sure to check the allergens and talk to your vet about the diet it should be taking.

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5. Lots of snuggle time

Pet travels can be arduous when your pet is sick. Your pet needs attention, love, and care more than anything else. Knowing you’re by their side, your pet will feel very relaxed and at ease. Make sure to give them lots of cuddles and snuggles when they sleep, especially. Keeping a regular check on them is also very necessary.

6. Keep track

Though you want to protect your pet at all times, there might be some moments when you can’t be around them all the time. You should know where your pet is, and if it gets lost somewhere, you should know where to look for it. These days you can find many pet trackers that can come in handy and keep you less worried throughout your trip. So if you lose them, you know where to look for and who to call.

7. Safety is of Key Importance

Ever wondered how people leave their pets for some time in their car unattended? Pretty sure nobody would be that cruel to keep their pets alone for a long time. Come to think of it; your pet might get frostbite or heat stroke when the temperature spikes up or go down suddenly. Imagine getting updates on your pet’s condition on your phone. Well, technology has made our imaginations come to life. 

Nowadays, lives have been made easier because Waggle Pet Monitor has done many great things and, in this case, done great for pets. With Waggle, you can monitor your pet’s temperature, heat index, and humidity. It connects through your phone as it comes with Verizon 4G cellular data. It includes periodic check-ins and instant alerts if your pet is in danger.

Waggle Pet Monitor indeed brings peace of mind for all pet lovers who love to travel with their pets and are worried about them. You can install Waggle anywhere and then download the app to get updates via text and emails. There you have it, a one-stop care shop for your furry child. You should have this device at all times, but when your pet is sick, especially then! Your pet is going to thank you later.

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Traveling with a sick pet might sound painful, but it’s no sweat when you follow the about points. Also, do not forget to take a veterinarian in your pocket. Ahem, we are talking about WaggleVet here. 

WaggleVet gives you unlimited chat sessions where you can share unlimited photos and videos to the veterinarian to explain your situation quickly and get answers to your problems from the comfort of your home or while traveling with your sick furry friend. 

Traveling with a pet is a huge responsibility. You need to make sure your pet is safe. And if your pet is sick, you must be extra careful because your pet is relying on you entirely.


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