Two dogs found panting in New Market, Virginia

Two dogs were found in the parked car at the New Market. A reporter found them panting and called the police immediately. The temperature inside the car was at least three times higher than outside in the parked car.

The two little dogs which are in the car were dehydrated and panting. According to the website ‘’ which is one of the partners of Ontario, no dogs can be left in a parked car though the air conditioner is on because the temperature can go deadly for the dogs inside the cars.

Dogs, big breed or small for that matter have a very limited ability to sweat, so even for a short time, they cannot tolerate high temperatures. The temperatures where a dog can survive is maximum 38 to 40 C, just degree rise in temperature, the dog can suffer heatstroke and die. The temperature in the car when the dogs were left is noted at 45 C which is very high for the two little ones in the car.

After 30 minutes, the owner of the dogs came to the car with a baggy in her hand.  She was warned for leaving the pets in the car for such a long time. As the pets were fine she was not punished but another 5 seconds might have killed the two pets in the car.

Leaving your dog in the parked car in New Jersey is a crime now

After many alarming cases and dog deaths, New Jersey makes a new law.

Whether it is too hot or too cold, you cannot leave your pets in cars or anywhere which hurts the pets. After many dog harassment cases, the New Jersey law makes a law that the people who leave their pets in extreme temperatures will be punished.

If you fail to care your pets then you need to pay off for it. $2000 will be fine for those who leave their pet in a hot or a cold car. If you love your pet, probably this is not the amount you must pay for it rather take care of your pet.

This is perhaps the first step to save the mouth fewer animals in New Jersey but other states should also make it mandatory to save our fury friends.



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