Celebrating World Stray Animals Day: How to Help Stray Animals?

Stray Animals Day

An Overview:

  1. Introduction 
  2. How to Help Stray Animals?
  3. Be Part of Non-Profits
  4. Adopt, Don’t Shop
  5. Foster Care
  6. Volunteer at Local Shelter
  7. Donate

1. Introduction

Back in 2015, an ad campaign by the Kiatnakin Bank of Thailand went viral. The reason? An adorable stray dog made life easier for the guy who once fed him meatballs and eventually helping him get the girl of his dreams. The gratitude and compassion with no returns was the case made here and gained worldwide recognition for its unique and loving concept.

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This World Stray Animals Day, this ad campaign reminds us that the ad campaign’s storyline is not far from the truth as many stray cats and dogs (mostly) have been known to help humans out in their times of need. So the question arises, how can we help stray animals?

Before we dive into the help, let us understand why is it important to celebrate World Stray Animals day after all?

World-famous dog behaviorist and training expert Caesar Milan says, “The 600 million stray animals who live on the streets around the world didn’t have a choice. They were thrown away by their owners, born on the streets, or simply got lost. They didn’t create their situation, but they have to live with it — or as is more often the case, die with it”.

This is in fact, the sad truth about stray animals today, who often find themselves scavenging the streets or holed away in a high kill shelter with no scope for a loving home. This day is to change the idea behind stray animals are not being a menace or a societal nuisance but a loving addition to homes that bring much-needed happiness to one of the most stressed-out people in the world.

2. How to Help Stray Animals?

While the fight for a better life for these stray animals is an uphill task, global organizations and people are working towards their betterment. You can either be a part of the effort or create your own way of making lives better for these stray cats and dogs.

3. Be a Part of Non-Profits

Many non-profits worldwide work in tandem with each other or local governing bodies to help stray animals across the globe. Some of the Non-profits in the United States are:

Austin Pets Alive: Incepted in 2008, this center has rescued 25,000 cats and dogs. They run two programs – Dog Behavior Program and Parvo Puppy ICU, focusing on regions with high-kill shelters and municipalities.

Kansas City Pet Project: Focused on Kansas city, this non-profit organization promotes the prevention of unplanned litter, the reunification of pets and owners, pet retention, and a lot more.

Alley Cat Allies: Meant for outdoor cats, this non-profit organization celebrates cats’ instinct to remain outdoor and encourages their presence in their natural environment. They also fight for cats in regions that do not approve of their outdoor movements and presence.

The Humane Society of the United States: One of the biggest of their kind, the Humane Society of the United States is known to support 100,000 stray animals every year. They also take up cases against animal cruelty, wildlife, and animal education.

Animal Friends of the Valleys: Like all organizations, this non-profit establishment values compassion for animals. With a presence over almost 28 years in California, this program is about educating the public and animal welfare practices.

4. Adopt, Don’t Shop!

With more than hundreds and thousands of stray cats and dogs roaming the streets or locked in shelters, looking for a home, adopting instead of shopping should take precedence. You can not only save a life but have a forever companion with love and happiness to share!

5. Foster Care

If you are unable to adopt a stray animal, there is another way to experience the love of the pet. Foster care is when you take in animals, help those sick or with injury, heal in a safe environment till that animal is ready for its forever home. Be warned; there will be waterworks!

6. Volunteer at Local Shelter

There is nothing more precious than time, and there is no greater than gifting your time to your local shelter for the betterment of the stray animals there. You can always sign up at your local shelter and help feed the animals, repaint the infrastructure, take care of the sick puppers, help build the shelter, and so much more!

This way, you offer free labor to your local shelter and yourself a day away from the routine while doing good for these beautiful creatures.

If you are a digital professional, you can even infuse your digital expertise and help make that shelter popular on social media and build their presence.

You don’t always have to make monetary donations. Your local shelter or the non-profit you believe in might require supplies. You can contribute to them and make things for the animals as well as the authorities.

This World Stray Animals Day, do your bit for the voiceless and challenge the status quo to bring about real change in the world of animal welfare and well-being.


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