4 Behaviors to Consider When Traveling by RV with Pets

In order to ensure a pleasant experience for both of you, start by considering these behaviors to determine whether or not to bring your pet when traveling by RV. 

Excitement level

Rv is different than the car, So it’s a good idea to take a test run to see how your pet does before hitting the road for an extended period.

Anxiety level

If your pet seems overly anxious like panting or crying then you should consider that your pet may be more content at home while you’re out on your adventure. 

Outdoor Level

Is he eager to determine the comfort explore when you reach behavior your destination? Or does she stay close to his crate/carrier?

Eating and going potty

If your pet is not eating well you travel. This is another indication they are stressed out. Likewise, if a routine potty becomes very different, this is also a reflection of stress.

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