9 Celebrity Dog Lovers

Dogs just melt our hearts, gives us company and keeps us happy. They are a joy to many and on this National Pet Day, let’s look at some of the famous celebrity pets

1) Kim Taehyung of BTS and his pet Yeontan:

Popularly known by his stage name V, this 23 years old and his Pomeranian are internet famous. Take into account the world popularity of BTS, it is easy to say Yeontan or Tannie (lovingly called) is not any less popular than his dad. Captured in a lot of twitter videos and Vlive (online portal celebs use to connect with fans) Tannie and V do share some adorable moments on screen. Not to mention Tannie’s appearance on local news channels and the bond the adorable fluff ball shares with other members of BTS, its safe to say Tannie has won millions of hearts.

2) Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Diana:

Priyanka adopted Diana during her interview with Buzzfeed during 2016. This little dog and PCee have been inseparable since then. Take into account that Diana currently has more than 100k followers on Instagram (@diariesofdiana) and leading the life of an influencer. According to her Instagram, Diana loves napping, lounging at the poolside, eating and fashion, credits to her fashionista mother. Check out Diana’s Instagram for some of the fashion trends among the pet enthusiasts.

3) Lady Gaga and Asia:

You could have spotted Asia in a lot of Gaga’s paparazzi photos being all adorable and cuddled up in her mom’s arms or in her handbag. Gaga got the French bulldog in the year 2014 and it’s inevitable to say that the singer is obsessed with her pooch. Gaga calls Asia an independent woman but loves to cuddle her. You can often spot Asia accompany her mom on her shopping trips and errands.

4) Ariana Grande and Toulouse:

This dangerous woman and her little munchkin are hard to miss. Grande adopted Toulouse in the year 2013 and they have been pals ever since. Toulouse is a beagle-chihuahua mix and the dog is named after a beige kitten from the Disney movie The Aristocats. Ariana says Toulouse loves to travel and even went on a tour with Ariana and attended every concert.

5) Liam Hemsworth and Dora:

If you follow Liam on any of his social media you would know how much Liam adores his rather large Labradoodle. He adopted Dora with his now wife Miley Cyrus in the year 2015 from Wylder’s Holistic Pet Centre in Los Angeles.
It was said that Cyrus found the dog and sent Liam a ton of pictures as he was in China then. Later when Liam returned to the States, he immediately adopted the dog and they haven’t looked back ever since.

6) Lionel Messi and Hulk:

Messi’s longtime girlfriend gave Messi Senor Hulk (SR Hulk) as a present. He shot to fame when he went from a small adorable puppy to a massive beast in merely weeks.
A video posted by Messi playing with his huge Dogue de Bordeaux went viral and fans have been following the dog pretty intensely on Instagram. Check out Messi’s Insta posts to the growth of Hulk.

7) Ellen and her dogs:

We all know how much Ellen Degeneres loves animals and has three cats and three dogs of her own. Her pets often make an appearance on her Instagram and they are also featured in her pet and clothing line. Ellen’s dogs Augie, Wolf, and kid joins her on morning walks and even during her workout session. Ellen tells spending time with her pack is one of the joys of her life.

8) Cara and Leo:

Supermodel Cara Delevingne admits that her weakness for animals. And it is safe to say her pet Leo shares some of the spotlights with Cara. Leo became a real star when Cara brought him to a fashion show and we can safely say Leo was an excited pup. You can often see Cara and Leo taking strolls and posting adorable pictures on Instagram.

9) Justin Timberlake and his dogs:

The household of Justin and Jessica is home to three dogs. Two of Justin’s boxers named Buckley and Brennan and Tina, Jessica’s pitbull. Both Justin and Jessica have repeatedly spoken about their love for their pets and we can often see them taking strolls along with their dogs. Check out Justin or Jessica’s insta profiles to peek into the lives of their pet dogs.


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