California Landslide: A Dog’s True Story | Movie review

After facing California’s most massive landslide in history, two documentary filmmakers Dana Richardson and Sarah Zentz decided to make a film about the same. The story unfolds through the eyes of Anika, Dana, and Sarah’s dog. They have captured the essence of Anika throughout the documentary.

Anika, as the documentary shows, is playful, friendly and has the energy of a puppy at 5years old. The movies start with Anika explaining the place she lives, the life she shares with her humans, and how in love she is with her surroundings. The directors have a keen eye about their surroundings and are very aware of the importance of nature. It can be seen throughout the film as they slip in the importance of maintaining the ocean and protecting the forest.

The film slowly moves on to explain how the California fire has caused huge chaos to flora and fauna, and humans alike. While talking about the fire, the narrator also insists on the importance of preserving natural resources for future generations.  


But what Anika and her humans did not know is that the fire is just the beginning of a huge disaster they are about to face. After facing a heavy rainfall after rainfall, staying locked up in their cabins was the only way. But as the weather grew colder, the landscapes started shifting around them, causing a huge landslide. The documentary further explains how Anika, Dana, and Sarah survived through the landslide and got their life back together.

The film, as a whole, tells us the importance of climate change and global warming. How it is high time we as humans have to take responsibility to protect and preserve the nature around us. As the movie travels through the eyes of Anika, it makes everything more real and solid.

In this busy and fast-paced world, we as humans tend to forget that we are more dependent on mother nature than we realize. As the film says, if we don’t protect our home called earth, who will?


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