Benefits of an RV Lifestyle Post COVID-19

After months of staying home and abiding by shelter-in-place orders around the world, people are ready to get back out into the world, and RV sales are surging. According to a video from Fox Business, RV dealers like the Camp-Land RV in Burns Harbor, Indiana, are seeing an increase in customer inquiries. As of early May, stock prices were up at RV manufacturers like Thor, Winnebago, and Skyline. This is no surprise, as the RV lifestyle lends itself to social distancing more than any other form of vacation travel.

Safety and Convenience of RV Travel in a Global Pandemic

One of the reasons RV owners enjoy traveling in their own camper is that it is the second home of their very own that they can take wherever they want to go. RV owners sleep in their own bed, use their own dishes, shower in their own bathroom, cook their own food, and have complete control over their experience. There is no worry about who has stayed in the space before them or how well it was cleaned. These features and benefits only increase during a global pandemic like COVID-19, because it means that RV owners can avoid contact with outside germs. 

RV owners can also take their campers anywhere that they like and choose between more populated campgrounds or opt for a more rural Boondocking experience. This feature is something that was already appealing to those who love the RV lifestyle and will likely grow exponentially and attract new RV owners as areas within the United States open for business once again. Many RV owners love to stay at campsites where they rarely see other humans, and they can spend time alone with their own families in a natural setting, which is an experience that is perfect when practicing social distancing. 

RV travel is more flexible in terms of destination and the ability to change your travel plans at the last minute. Instead of canceling airline flights, hotel rooms, rental cars, or Uber rides, RV owners just need to cancel one campground reservation and book a different one at their new destination. Changing RV travel plans is both less costly and less aggravating. 

Pets and the RV Lifestyle

RV owners who have pets love the ability to travel with their dogs and cats. After spending nearly three months together with our pets, humans are more bonded than ever to their animals. Traveling by RV means that spending time together can continue through vacation, and dogs, in particular, can continue to enjoy all of those extra walks that so many of them received after social distancing guidelines were put in place. 

Additionally, some boarding kennels and pet daycare centers are still waiting for the approval to reopen for business. Some pet sitters and dog walkers are still reluctant to temporarily reside in clients’ homes and risk exposure to the COVID-19 virus. 

Lifestyle Changes After COVID-19 Quarantine

Many Americans have made radical lifestyle changes since sheltering in place because of COVID-19. With schools and workplaces closed, outside entertainment venues shut down, youth sports on pause, a lot of families have grown closer and developed a new appreciation for a slower-paced lifestyle. In many households, family dinners have increased, as has cooked at home, going out for family walks together, and movie nights, game nights, and just overall family time together. If there is any sort of bright spots in a global pandemic, this is it. 

According to Aromatherapist Jen Leipold-Hall, “My teenagers are actually playing together now! We’ve had lots of family game nights, and since we aren’t in the car for sports ALL-THE-TIME, we are eating all of our meals together. This hasn’t happened in the spring in years!”


Adults without children are also enjoying a slower-paced lifestyle. “I’m working more from home which gives me more time to spend with my dogs … for me, life is not about things; life is amount moments,” said dog owner Amanda Kinnaird, “I have been thinking about buying a pop-up trailer to make it easier to travel with my dogs.” It turns out that social distancing for the masses has resulted in a new closeness for families, whether that family is made up of humans, pets, or both. 


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