3 Ways to Celebrate National Camping Month

June is here, and we could not be happier! The world is green again. Flowers are blooming, and farmer’s markets are opening with fresh local produce. Outdoor sports like swimming, fishing, and boating are in full swing. So, it really makes sense that the month of June is both National Camping Month and Great Outdoors Month. We love to celebrate them both here at Waggle.

The Outdoors and COVID-19

One thing we learned from the COVID-19 social distancing measures is that spending time outdoors is a healthy, family-friendly, dog-friendly way to have fun. Indoor fun like movie theaters, restaurants, bars, musical venues, stage productions, and more all closed to avoid the spread of the coronavirus. Families and individuals quickly realized that they could enjoy outdoor fun, and many communities saw an increase in family walks, picnics, and bike rides. Friends gathered on lawns and driveways with their chairs 6 feet apart. It was as if it was Mother Nature’s time to shine, and she rallied to the cause.

Now, as different states progress through their reopening plans, outdoor gatherings continue to be important, with outdoor dining, the return of the drive-in movie, and outdoor religious ceremonies quickly becoming places that people can safely gather. As a result, many people are spending more time outside than in past years.

As we talked about in a recent blog, The Benefits of an RV Lifestyle Post COVID-19, vacationing in an RV is a fun and safe way to spend your summer vacation during these times. But avoiding germs and practicing social distancing is only one of the many reasons we love the camping lifestyle so much.

Trying New Outdoor Activities during National Camping Month

Camping is a fun and easy way to develop a love of the outdoors. In fact, it is an experience that you can customize for almost any audience and on virtually any budget. You can see if you like it with a $25 2-person tent or go all out with a multi-million dollar rig. Camping can be family-friendly, but also perfect for couples of all ages, groups of friends, or someone looking for alone time. It is also the perfect way to try new outdoor activities and develop new interests and hobbies, whether you are new to RVing or a longtime camper.

Whether you are camping or staying home, there are endless ways to find fun and relaxation outside. 

Here are three ways that you can celebrate your love of the outdoors this June and all summer.

Volunteer with an Eco-Friendly Organization

Combining volunteer work with a vacation is both rewarding and enjoyable. Some volunteer opportunities are for a single event or a short period of time and perfect for someone on vacation. Retirees or those who live in their RVs full-time can enjoy long-term volunteer jobs. If you are not traveling due to COVID-19 restrictions, you can also find opportunities to volunteer in eco-friendly ways at home.

The National Park Service uses volunteers for specific projects but also has long-term volunteer positions available. You can find information at the National Park Service Get Involved page. You can also find specific organizations that are always in need of volunteers and find an experience near your destination or create your trip around the volunteer work.

Check out American Rivers, The Nature Conservancy, Living Lands & Waters, and The American Hiking Society. You can also find volunteer opportunities to help the environment with state parks, and other organizations with a little bit of research.

Try a New Outdoor Activity

If you already love camping and spending time outside, you can celebrate this month by trying something new. If you love hiking, check out plant identification, birdwatching, or learn about how to improve your photography skills. If you love to spend time on the water, try a new water sport. There are endless opportunities for classes or private instruction, and local businesses who offer excursions and guides to take you places you might not otherwise do on your own. From ziplining to canyoneering or white-water rafting, there are always new adventures and activities for all levels of fitness and thrill-seekers.

Start a Camping or Nature Journal

There is a well-known quote among outdoor lovers that states, “Take only pictures, leave only footprints.” Keeping a nature journal is a fun way to preserve your memories, and you can be as creative as you like with photos, drawings, and stories of the things that you experienced. Interest is a great source of information on how to get started on either endeavor. Check out Harmony Fine Arts and Lily & Thistle for inspiration and information on starting your own nature journal.

How are you celebrating National Camping Month and Great Outdoors Month? Share your photos on our Facebook page so we can see what you are doing for fun this summer.


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