Shopping for a New RV?

As Dog owners who love the RV lifestyle, you should ensure that your new unit is as dog-friendly as possible.

Here are some things to consider when shopping for an RV unit as a dog owner. 

Space for Crates/Kennels

If your dogs are created for their safety when you leave them alone in your RV unit, look for campers with a dedicated space just for dog crates. You do not have to move things around each time you go somewhere. Bunk bed areas are great for converting into sleeping areas for dogs – whether you install crates or put your dog’s bed on the bottom bunk.

Crates for small dogs can be built under seating areas. Toy haulier models can be customized to house crates for large dogs or multiple dog kennels. Just be sure that it is climate controlled for your dog’s comfort.

Dog-Friendly Flooring

From house training to occasional accidents to muddy paws, the less carpeting, the better for dog owners. Opt for easy-to-clean flooring like linoleum and add machine washable throw rugs if you enjoy the plush comfort of carpet.

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The Right Floor Plan 

Space is usually limited in an RV unit, considering they have to be small enough to be towed or driven on roads. However, floor plans vary, and some are more practical for sharing your space with large dogs than others. Choose a floor plan with an open area that allows space for your dogs to lay down and be part of the family.

Features like kitchen islands are visually appealing but take up valuable floor space. The more slide-outs, the better, so that you can have a nice open space to move around and for your dogs to rest comfortably. Freestanding dining tables that are movable (instead of bolted to the floor are another good option) in case you choose to remove them entirely to make more room for your pups to move freely. 

Outdoor Shower

Active, outdoorsy dogs often love nothing more than to get dirty or find something stinky to roll in. Although it is a natural behavior for them, their favorite scents are usually not as appealing to us, especially when sharing a small space. An outdoor shower can make the difference between a quick wash-up outside versus trying to clean a dog (and all of his or her fur) in a small RV-sized shower. 

Storage for Dog Supplies

Some RV manufacturers have started to add built-in storage areas just for dog supplies. Some models offer pet drawers to hold your dog’s food bowl and keep it out of the way when they are not eating. It is also important to consider where you will store necessities like outdoor pet fencing, pet food, medications, leashes, and other pet supplies when you are traveling.

Units of similar size and style can vary quite a bit in terms of their floor plans and how pet-friendly they are, so you may need to look at many different models to find the best option for you and your pets. 

Fortunately, for most of us who love to camp in our RVs with our pups, looking at new RVs is fun and holds the promise of outdoor adventures to come with our canine best friends comfortably from our sides.

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