Do Dogs Bring Happiness?

People with pets are the most blessed in this world. Trust me, when I say that. I have had a pet all my life. I have seen every phase of a pet’s life. Sometimes it is happiness, sometimes it is sadness. But, they help you grow as a person. They teach you things which you would have ignored otherwise.

Having a pet is a lifestyle change

They change everything about you even before you realize what is changing. You have this constant feeling that there is someone for whom you mean the world. Have you ever come back home from a rough day, only to get your face licked by your fido. Many a time, they help you understand the meaning of your life.

Dogs are givers

They give and give and expect nothing from you in return. They heal us when we are in pain. They teach us what it means to be a mother. They laugh when we laugh and cry when we do. Humans have been domesticating dogs for about 3 centuries now, and during this time they evolved to like humans more than anything. Although, history suggests that they were initially domesticated to help in hunting and farming, dogs and humans grew along side by side. Their love for the other is mutual and that is what makes humans the best companions for dogs.


A dog is someone who is capable of putting your happiness and safety before theirs. They have a natural tendency to protect you when you are in danger, even if it means that they have to risk their life. If that is not unconditional love, then I don’t know what is.

Research also shows that people who have dogs have a more active life when compared to those who do not. When you have a dog, there are a lot of responsibilities that you have to take which will increase your physical activity. Having a pup in the house, is similar to having a toddler. One careless move and you will find your son’s assignment in pieces, your costly shoes torn beyond repair and the pillow.. (do I have to say more about that pillow?)
But on the flip side, even if you have the naughtiest pupper in the whole world, you can never get angry on them. Even after they do everything, when you look at their face, you will know that you love them and that they love you even more. Having a pet is a 15+ years of responsibility. But at the end of the day, when you look back, you will realize that you both grew from strength to strength.

So, if you are looking out for a reason to buy/adopt a puppy, let me tell you something – You are inviting a live child into your home. This child might not know what is right or wrong. He might not know how much your shoe was worth or the effort that you put to clean your house. But, he knows that you are his one true love. Never let him/her down.


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