Don’t Lose your Pet this Independence Day!

Fireworks, flashes of light hitting the sky and explosions might excite you, but how excited is your dog about this?

That’s what Wichita Police Department told Kansas residents earlier this year, along with a warning by Pet Amber Alert, a pet finder service in the U.S.

Reports of missing pet spike sky high on July the Fourth. Dogs can hear 4 times the distance of a normal human being. This means your dog is exposed to extremely terrifying sound during the Independence Day. The high sound causes most of them to break through the gates and flee in search of a safe place.

We at Waggle have personally heard of such sad and depressing stories. That’s the reason why this year we have compiled a few safety measures to safeguard your Fido.

  1. Do not take your dog along with you for the fireworks display.
  2. Stay with your pet. Hug them and talk to them if it is necessary. This will make your dog feel protected. Keep them in a soundproofed room if possible.
  3. Turn on the radio or TV so that they are distracted from the fireworks.
  4. Keep your doors and windows sealed so that your pets don’t run away.
  5. Chip your pet. Chipping your pet can help you track your pet in case they get lost. This has helped a lot of pet owners in various instances.
  6. If you cannot chip your pet within the short span of time, provide an ID for your pet. Pet ID’s are tags attached to the collar of your dog and contains your contact information such as contact number and address. This way people will be able to contact you when they find your pet. A lot of pets end up in shelters because people who find them are not able to identify their owners.
  7. There are various music tracks available online specifically composed to soothe your pets when exposed to high decibels of sound. You can Google them or find them on YouTube. Play them for your pet and see if you can keep them calm.

July 4th occurs on one of the hottest days of the summer. Keeping your pet within a closed space might increase the temperature. Take necessary measures to keep the temperature cool. Use a pet temperature monitor like Waggle and ensure your furry baby is cool and safe indoors.

If your pet has had anxiety episodes in the past, talk to your veterinarian and request them for a mild tranquilizer. Most of the pets do not eat out of fear during this day. Do not force feed your pet. Try and create a comfortable space for them where they feel loved and protected.

Hope you find this information useful. Please do follow the above tips and give a peaceful Independence Day for your dog.


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