Let’s Celebrate Being a Dog’s Mom Today!


“Dogs never bite me. Just humans”, Marilyn Monroe once said about her being a dog lover. Well, fast forward to 2019, Dog Mom Day is officially a thing, and people appreciate dog moms for their hard work and dedication they show towards their fur babies. With hashtags like #dogmom trending on social media platforms, let us look at some of the factors that shape the incredible bond between women and their fur babies.

If you are a dog mom and are soon to be a dog mom, this blog is for you.

1. Her best companion

A Dog is as much a woman’s best friend as he/she is of a man’s. Many women have claimed the proud name ‘Dog mom’ and are depending on their pets for emotional support. According to the Canine Journal website, women who are single, married, or post-breakup are bonding with their dogs like never before. As dogs are known to relieve stress, they provide a lending shoulder during hard times, making them a wonderful son/daughter of dog moms.

2. Parenting companion

According to a study conducted by the Institute of Psychology at The University of Milan, the behaviors of mothers toward human infants have been co-opted for interacting with other social partners like their dogs. Dogs are great observers of human behavior, and this reflects when an infant is involved as the dog takes a protective role of a parent and takes care of the child. Some moms even claim that their dog acts as monitors for their babies, calling for help if the baby needs them and sometimes even helping them to walk and crawl.

3. Help her be in shape

It is a known fact that women with pets tend to exercise more when compared to others without pets. Researchers at Michigan State University found that dog owners are 34 percent more likely to fit in 150 minutes of walking per week than non-dog owners. The study also found that owning a dog promotes health and fitness even if you take your pup for a stroll, increases leisure-time physical activity by 69 percent. And dog moms are claiming how raising a fur baby on their own helped them shape their mental health and physical health.

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4. Beauty sleep

Canisius College in Buffalo, New York, published a study that stated that women sleep better next to dogs than human partners. This may be due to dog ownership and the responsibility that comes with it. Along with the fact that dogs were less likely to wake their owners in the middle of the night when compared to cats or humans.

5. Great social magnets

Research shows that strangers offer smiles and friendly glances to people with dogs. This helps dog moms to interact more socially, and dogs often make a good icebreaker. If you are an introvert who wants to go out of your comfort zone, take your dog along and let him/her do the job for you.

6. They let you live in the moment

As Oprah said, dogs do make us happier and feel more human. They also teach us about finding joy in little things in life and give love without any judgments. 

Being a dog mom can not only make you happy but a better person as a whole.

Now you believe how dogs play a major role in our lives? Everyone needs someone to share their infinite love, and your four-legged babies are the best suit in this whole world. 

Waggle wishes every proud dog mom out there a Happy Dog Mom Day!


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