How to Clean your Dog’s Ears?

Grooming is an essential component of the daily habits of every living creature, be it humans or animals. Everyone needs to get themselves groomed from time to time to keep themselves healthy, happy, and clean.

Dogs especially, who cannot possibly groom themselves, require grooming of each part of their body. While a dog parent focuses on dental hygiene and nails cleaning more, it is crucial to understand that cleaning the ears of the dog is equally important.

For cleaning your dog’s ears, you don’t even have to visit a veteran or a professional, as it can easily be done at home without any risk of harming the dog. However, when you get your dog, we advise you to visit a veteran first and get to know your dog thoroughly.

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Any such professional would be able to guide you on how frequently you should get your dog groomed and how to clean their ears while at home. Depending on the age of your dog, its breed, activity level, and other important features, the veteran will be able to answer all your queries regarding the frequency of cleaning your dog’s ears and the method to do so.

From a general perspective, we have mentioned below the steps that you need to follow to clean your dog’s ears.

1.  Gather your tools

Dogs generally do not like when you hold them for too long and don’t allow them to move around. While grooming, it is essential for the dog to sit in one place and not move around as that would jeopardize their safety.

 Thus, it is important that you have gathered all the tools that are required to clean your dog’s ears. Just like anyone else, the ears of a dog are sensitive too, and you will need to be patient and make the dog feel comfortable.

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To clean their ears, you will need towels, cloth, cotton balls, ear cleansing solution, and gauze pads. You might also need tweezers if there is hair inside the ear flaps. It is important to note that you should never use cotton swabs to clean the ears as that will make the cleaning process harder and they do not allow the wax/ dirt inside the ear to come out easily.

2.  Groom your dog before cleaning ears

It is recommended that your dog first gets a haircut if it has hair inside or around the ear flaps. This is because cleaning the ear with extra hair can get quite messy. When the area around the ears is cleaned, it will become easier for you to clean the inside of their ears.

3.  Restrain the movement of your dog

Cleaning something as sensitive as the ears of your dog requires utmost patience, both, by your dog as well as you, the dog parent. Hold them tightly and comfortably to ensure that your dog does not move while you’re cleaning its ears. You can either wrap them in your arms or make them lie down on the ground.

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4.  Apply the cleansing solution

Once you have got your dog’s hold, fill your dog’s ear with the cleansing solution. Put enough solution in their ears until it starts flowing out.

Final thoughts

Cleaning your dog’s ears is important to get rid of any cyst, tick infestation, or other dirt in your dog’s ears. If the ears are not cleaned regularly, then they can get infectious over time. If cleaning is not done often, their ears will emit a foul smell, which is not good for your dog. 

So, it is important to clean your dog’s ears at home to make them stay healthy.

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