Everything You Need to Know About National Hug Your Dog Day

National hug your dog day

In terms of important days on the yearly calendar we look forward to, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween are the big three. So what would you say if there was one day of the year that was dedicated to all of our beloved four-legged friends, our dogs?

Believe it or not, there’s a whole day set aside on the calendar to celebrate all of the joy our dogs bring us — National Hug Your Dog Day.

To find out everything you need to know about this special day.

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What is National Hug Your Dog Day?

While not an official national holiday, National Hug Your Dog Day is an important day for all dog owners to celebrate. Held every year on April 10, it was founded by Ami Moore, a dog trainer based in Chicago. Moore founded it to act as a day to show appreciation for all the love and cherished memories our dogs give us every day of our lives.

4 Ideas to Celebrate

There are no set rules on what you can do on this day to show your dog some love. You can do something as simple as hugging your pooch, as the name of the day suggests. But if you’d like to celebrate a bit more, here are 4 ideas to try out on April 10:

1. Take Your Dog on a Long Walk or Hike

There are few things our dogs love more than heading into the great outdoors on a long walk. So what better day to do so than National Hug Your Dog Day? If your usual walking route feels stale, perhaps it’s the perfect occasion to venture out on a new walking trail.

You could even go on a hike if you’d really like to get both of your hearts pumping! Just make sure you have the proper gear, like a reliable dog leash and any doggy clothing to suit the weather conditions, like snow boots or a raincoat.

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2. Go to a Dog Park

Dog lovers will know that dog parks are a fantastic place to take a dog for a good time. Not only do they get to play with other dogs, but they also get to exercise. If you’re unsure of where a dog park is near you, a quick search on Google should turn up some results.

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It will be a great idea to gather some of your friends who are pet parents and head to a dog-friendly park together for a fun day out! Remember to pack some of your dog’s favorite toys, or maybe if you’re feeling extra generous you can buy them new toys like a ball launcher, snuffle ball, chew toys, and more.

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Either way, your dog is bound to have an unforgettable time playing with other pooches.

3. Treat Your Dog to a Gourmet Meal or Snack

Just like we do to the special someone in our lives, one way to show your appreciation to a loved one is to treat them to a meal. This doesn’t apply to humans, either—your dog will undoubtedly love to feast on a delicious meal from its loving owner.

There are a couple of options for the meal. You can either prepare their very favorite meal or shake things up with a new meal. Perhaps there’s a gourmet meal or snack at the pet shop or supermarket you’ve always thought of splashing out on.

Or maybe there’s a homemade recipe you’ve been wanting to try making. National Hug Your Dog Day is the opportune day to finally do so!

4. Say Thanks to All the People Who Make Your Dog’s Life Special

While you’re giving your dog lots of love and hugs, it’s also a fantastic opportunity to show some appreciation to all of the people who make your dog’s life special. Perhaps you may not even realize just how many people help out with all aspects of your dog’s happiness, health, and wellbeing. For example, your dog walker, the friend or family member who always steps into dog sitting, your dog’s vet, their trainer… the list goes on.

A heartfelt card is always appreciated, but consider giving a gift basket if you really want to express your thanks. After all, without their help, your dog wouldn’t be the dog they are today!



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