Pregnant dog left to freeze to death in North Carolina – we demand justice for Winter!

The United States was recently hit by a huge snowstorm and a massive wave of Arctic air, causing havoc in the Eastern part of the country. It was one of the most frigid winters in history. While many people were lucky enough to stay inside their warm houses, this mother dog had a grim fate: she was discovered frozen to the ground on Airport Road, just off of Mount Carmel Church in Pikeville, North Carolina.

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Rescuers were alerted by neighbors about a frozen dog and rushed to the scene as quickly as they could. Sadly, nothing could be done to save the pooch, named Winter by the team of animal activists; the most shocking part of it all the canine was carrying a baby and was a soon-to-be-mother.

Up to this point, rescuers were unable to determine who the dog belonged to. Please sign my petition and demand a thorough investigation into this matter to ensure this cruel owner who left Winter to freeze in the blistering cold is charged with cruelty to animals and receives the maximum penalty available by law.

This is a total disgrace, I sincerely don’t know how these monsters can live with themselves. I am absolutely fuming that such things can happen.

The rule is very simple: if it’s too cold for you outside, it’s definitely too cold for your pet as well.

Help us get justice for Winter by sharing this campaign for justice.

Thank you to all of you and please remember to keep your pets inside during the winter season!


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