Bow Down? More Like Meow Down Cuz it is Respect Your Cat Day!

Respect your cat day

It is Respect Your Cat Day, and we can’t think of one reason why this day should not be declared a national holiday! 

Ever seen a cat that does not sit like royalty? 

Ever seen a cat accept anything less than a king/queen size life?

So why not commemorate their utter badassery and dive into the kitty culture and how they impacted (graced if you ask them) human lives almost 4000 years ago, changing the equation between a human being and cat forever!

In this blog, we will talk about the adorable ways that cats demand Respect and how we, as cat aficionados, can comply with their requests while respecting their space. Cats are very self-loving creatures and have strict boundaries when it comes to space.

Adorable Ways that Your Cats Demand Respect

These fluff buns have their way of showing that they want Respect and attention, and they need it now. If your kitty does any of the following often, consider it a command from his/her majesty.

1. Turning Away from the Litterbox

 Cats are clean and tidy creatures. They like to groom themselves and keep their surroundings clean. Therefore, if your cat is turning away from the litterbox, then maybe you should inspect it for cleanliness. Who likes a dirty bathroom anyway?

2. Talking (Meowing) Back

These feline beauties are very vocal when annoyed and tend to talk back to tones of commands and authorities. If they are meowing back at you as you argue, it is their way of showing that they have had enough of your rule, and it’s time to have their word around the house.

3. You Called Me? I Might or Might Not Come

Cats are very quick to show their ignorance when convenient. Studies have shown cats know if you are calling for them, and based on their moods, they choose to reply. So next time, if you are worried that fluffy is nowhere to be seen, check behind the couch, under the table, or the next room before launching a search party. 

4. The Chair Snatch

 You may often notice cats are quick to occupy recently vacated seats. That is their way of calling dibs to a comfortable, warm spot. In fact, they even claim your lap to be their siesta hotspot, and you are forbidden even to twitch. Good luck trying to move them from there!

5. Cat Laws

 Cats decide when they want to cuddle and when they don’t. They like being fussed over but touch them without their permission, and you will say hello to their claws! Cats have boundaries and make it very clear that they are important to them. If they want to be petted, they will come to you and go away just as easily. Meow Life, Meow Rules!

How to Pet Your Cat

Now let’s turn our focus to how you, as cat parents, can respect your kitty’s natural preferences and behavior without compromising on showing the love you have for them. 

Our current-day domestic cats are the descendants of the African wild Bobcat. These wildcats were solitary creatures who preferred staying alone and even communicated with their own kind via chemical signals. In short, they detested socializing! 

It is suggested that the modern cat’s brain is still hardwired to think like the ancestral Bobcat, and this is why they often react to excessive petting and touching as an invasion of privacy.

Sometimes, cats don’t even like being petted and are merely tolerating you because you are offering them food and lodging. It is true and also leads to high levels of stress because of the uncomfortable position they are in every day. 

So how to pet your cat without conflicting their interests? Here are some tips:

1. Look for Physical Cues

 Let your cat believe that he/she is in control of the situation. Follow their physical cues to know where they like to be petted and how long they want to be petted. 

We, humans, are social beings, and while restraining from showing our affection might be tough, this self-control when it comes to your cats will eventually reward you with the cat’s Respect. 

2. Check for their Emotional Behaviour

 How does your cat react to you sitting next to them or with your scratching their ears? Are they tense? Or are they sitting with their eyes closed and body relaxed? Pay close attention to their posture in case of interaction and limit touching to a minimum. This works in the case of veterinary care as well. 

3. Pick the Safe Zones

 It is suggested that to stay on your cat’s good side, you can touch their safe zones like the base of the ear, under the chin, or near their cheeks. Do not touch their bellies, back, or their tails. 

Like any other creature, even cats love affection and adoration. However, we must keep in mind the variations in preferences. A dog is more likely to welcome continuous scratches and pats in comparison to a cat, and that’s okay! 

So in this Respect your cat day, try understanding your cat’s behavior. Trust us; the more you give them their space, the more they are likely to trust you. And there is nothing more rewarding than a cat’s trust!


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