Temperature Monitor – Things you need to know about

What is a Temperature Monitor?

A temperature monitor implies a computerized system that records the surrounding environments’ temperature and translates the input information into electronic data to show monitor, or record temperature changes. Temperature is inversely proportional to humidity-temperature rises cause humidity fall; the opposite is also true. 

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Types of Temperature Sensors

Temperature sensors occur in different types and brands. While some temperature monitors require contiguity with an immediate object under monitoring, some do not necessitate contact; as such, the latter variation of temperature monitors take measurements indirectly (individuals in some quarters call them non-contact temperature sensors). 

Remote temperature monitoring requires a Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth. Therefore, a user can monitor the temperature conditions of an environment, or object from any place and receive alerts. As such, remote temperature monitoring systems can function in smartphones via applications that use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi networks.

The main difference between traditional and remote temperature monitoring is convenience. Today, people can remotely monitor from their cell phones or computers. It is apparent that several technologies facilitate real-time monitoring, recording, and transmission of temperature readings for remedial action. Remote temperature monitoring requires an app and a cell phone with a Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth.

Temperature Monitoring in Environments and Objects

Warehouse Temperature Monitor

Logistics is an important part of business for supply chain managers. Proper warehousing frameworks ensure the safety of stored items, such as foods, drugs, and building materials like cement. The environmental sensitivity of these products necessitates a remote temperature monitor to ensure the optimal internal conditions for the safety of the products. For example, some food items spoil under extreme temperatures. A remote temperature and humidity monitor allows the offsite observation of real-time temperature and moisture conditions.

Home Temperature Monitor

Homes require remote temperature and humidity sensors to identify emergencies such as fires and pipe leaks in the basement or other less frequently visited areas within homes. Ergo, a remote temperature and humidity sensor can remotely inform the user about the possibility of fire outbreaks or pipe leaks for quick intervention despite no proximity. A proactive approach to emergency management accentuates the relevance of a remote temperature and humidity sensor in a home.

Pet Temperature Monitor

Pets give a good company, but traveling with them can be cumbersome and open to restrictions in some places, such as work and meetings. A pet temperature monitor ensures the safety and comfort of a pet by sending real-time alerts about humidity and temperature changes and loss of power supply. Waggle Pet temperature monitor sends temperature, humidity, power loss /power back, low-battery, and geofence alerts. Waggle temperature monitor ensures the pet’s comfort and safety 24/7. Thus, it gives peace of mind to the pet parents.

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Factors to consider during the purchase of a remote temperature monitor

A remote temperature system must meet several conditions for optimal functionality. Therefore, buyers factor in several considerations when they make buying decisions regarding a remote temperature monitor. The following decision-making aspects influence prospective customers for brands that make remote temperature and humidity sensors.

  1. Rechargeable battery: When there is a power outage, the temperature monitor must work without interruptions with a rechargeable battery. This way, the user does not need to replace the battery once it’s dried. A longer battery life shows energy effectiveness in light of sustainability requirements. 
  2. User-friendly App: To monitor the ambient temperature and humidity changes from anywhere, the monitor must come with a user-friendly app. The user can customize the alerts and alert frequencies to protect their pet or assets. 

Many US households own an RV and take they travel with their pets. The following features enhance the reliability of an RV Pet temperature monitor.

  • A battery-powered backup
  • Geofencing safeguard
  • Monitors temperature & humidity rise/drop
  • GPS compatible
  • Real-time Text and Email alerts
  • Easy installation

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