Why Pet Monitor is a Must-have Essential for RVing 2022 

Pets and travel go hand in hand, as long as one takes the proper safety measures to make sure their pets will remain safe. The thing is, you are leaving the comforts of your home when you go RVing, and it is not always clear what might happen even if one small thing goes wrong. Carrying Pet Monitor along can help you in monitoring things that would upset your journey. Read the full blog to understand why a Pet Monitor is a must-have essential.

Can Pet Monitors save pets from Heatstroke?

The fact remains that heat is a very serious risk for any pet in the RV. It turns out that high temperatures in the RV that are experienced by your pet for even a short period of time can cause problems for the pet. It is possible that a temperature rise of as much as 40 degrees is possible in as little as one hour.

You can take your pet’s temperature directly to see if they are likely experiencing heat stroke or any other issues. However, you may also want to look for signs such as red or purple gums. Both of these things are potential signs of heat stroke as well. The youngest and oldest animals are those that are at the greatest level of risk.

With Pet Monitors you can set up a threshold temperature and humidity level. Whenever the temperature or humidity hits the unsafe range, you will receive alerts through Email and Text. 

Keeping Your RV Safer with Pet Monitor

In order to keep your RV as safe as possible, you will need to take certain steps and look at the best pet monitor for your RV if you can.

You will want to leave the air conditioners running in your RV if you are going to have them out on a hot day. This will keep the temperature of the RV safe for both your pets and yourself. It is important to establish a safe and healthy environment within the RV.

Important to remember at this time is the fact that it is easier to lose power in the RV than it is in a traditional home. In RV parks, it is somewhat common to have an issue such as a tripped circuit breaker that causes that power to go out for your RV and even for other RVs within the park. It is absolutely frustrating when this happens, but it is also potentially dangerous and scary.

There are security features on some RVs such as the automatic generator restarting in the event that the power goes out at any time. This means that the backup source of power will kick on as soon as it is noticed that power may be out.

Pet Monitoring Systems Bring Peace of Mind

One thing that you can use to help bring yourself more peace of mind is a pet monitoring system that allows you to keep an eye on your pet even when you are not directly in the RV with them.

The monitors that are available on the market today are Bluetooth, Cellular, and WiFi monitors. These pet monitors allow you to view what is going on with your pet even when you step away. Sometimes, you will need to leave your pet in the RV when you go to an event or shopping that is not a pet-friendly zone. Another reason is that your fur friends are restricted in many places. 

On top of the video component of the monitoring system that you can set up, you can also get a system that allows you to check up on the temperature within your RV every 10 or 20 minutes. This will provide you with some real-time data that you can use to make sure your pet is safe in your RV when you aren’t there.

Pet Monitors that work without relying on WiFi are another advantage. Waggle Pet Monitor is an example of this.  It uses built-in cellular networks, that help to track ambient changes, Power loss, or recovery alerts, all way long. Also, the monitor safeguards your Car or RV from theft. The user can enable Geofence for a certain range around their vehicle. When the vehicle moves out of the zone, it sends an instant alert to the user. 

Setting Up the Pet Monitoring System

Pet Monitor installation is as easy as ABC.  

  1. Peel and stick your monitor where you want
  2. Install Waggle Pet App
  3. Enable and get Real-time alerts through Text and Email

You can place the Pet Monitor inside your vehicle/home and get updates about ambient temperature and humidity changes. Pet Monitor sensors Power loss, Power Back, Network. 

Always check to make sure everything is working just perfectly to make sure it is working exactly how you need it to. You may need to run some tests to be sure before you bring your pet out with you on your next RV trip.

In other WiFi-based monitoring systems, you can continue to record data even if it loses access to the Wi-Fi network at some point in time, but you will not get the emails or text alerts that you want when you have it connected to Wi-Fi. Thus, you won’t be able to view the data or use it to your advantage to help make sure your vehicle is as safe as it possibly can be.

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