Responsible Dog Owner’s month is here

Responsible Dog Owner’s month is here! If you’re a responsible pet parent, you will do these 7 things

  • Give your pet some space
  • Pet Proof the areas in your house
  • Make Yummy treats! (Just for your pet)
  • Accompany them in their leisure time
  • Craft birthday gifts (surprise, of course)
  • More pet pics that yours
  • You see them as real babies

Having a dog is bundled with a lot of love, wet noses, and sloppy kisses. But, it is also accompanied by a lot of responsibilities. Waggle, has curated a list of responsibilities that one might have as a pet parent and how to be on track. 

1. Dog Exercise

Unlike the average population of humans, Dogs love to exercise. That is the reason most dogs jump in joy when you take out the leash. It is important that as a responsible pet parent you find the exercise that your pet likes the most and take them out for it. 
You can try playing something like fetch or tug-of-war might with your dog. This will help them indulge in physical activity as well as spend quality time with you. Taking your dog out for a swim is yet another exercise. Dogs are natural swimmers and love it.  

As a part of Responsible Dog, Owner month take an oath to expose your dog to lots of physical activity. You will find that your dog will be more energetic, joyous, and lively. Once you have cracked what your dog loves the most, make it a habit. As a note of caution, before you do any of this please keep in mind the age and the size of your dog. Putting an old dog through all of this might cause trauma. 

2. Dog Health and Wellness

If you are someone who does not take your pet to the vet for a regular check-up, it is high time you do so. It is important that you take good care of your dog. This is your primary responsibility as a pet parent.  Each dog’s medical needs may vary and it is not possible to find out what the dog is going through just by being with him. Unlike humans, a dog cannot inform you that he/she is sick. Also, the age of your dog plays an important role. The medical needs of a dog vary with his/her age. Annual vaccinations, Dental care, ear care are some of the important aspects that one should not miss. 

Sometimes your dog might tend to be under or overweight. This is not something that most pet parents might find out as this depends on a lot of factors. Taking your dog to the vet will prove effective in such cases. Your vet will be able to prescribe the right amount of food that your dog might need.

3. Dog Training

Training is a  fun activity that you can take up with your dog. This will end up beneficial for you as your dog will learn certain important commands. It will protect your dog at the time of need and also helps your dog be more social and well-behaved.   

4. Dog Travel

Dogs love traveling with you. Take your dog with you as often as you can. Traveling together really increases the bond that you both share and bring you both close in life. Ensure that you plan the trip properly keeping in mind the temperature, climate, and the type of atmosphere that your dog will like. In most situations, you might have to leave your dog in the car/RV while traveling. Have a pet temperature monitoring device such as Waggle installed in your car. This alerts you immediately if the temperature increases the set threshold. It helps worries take a back seat and gives you peace of mind while traveling.

5. Emergency

Bad situations can arise anytime. What matters is if you are prepared for it. Being a pet parent you should always be ready in case of emergencies. Prepare a Canine first aid or go bag kit for your dog. Ensure that you have some trusted source who can drop in immediately in case of any critical emergency. Install a pet protection monitoring device to make sure that your pet’s complete safety and security when you are not around.

Hope you found this blog useful. Do let us know what steps you take that make you feel like a responsible pet parent in the comments section below. 


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