5 Effective Ways to Stay Healthy with your Dog

Fitness is necessary for the well-being of both your physical and mental health. Physical Exercise makes bones and muscles stronger. Not just for humans, but for your furry baby too. Although you might take your dog out for a walk every day, most pet parents do not feel fit. In this blog, we are going to help you learn about becoming fit along with your dog.

Make your dog your workout buddy. Dogs are the best fitness trainers you can get. The most common problem you have with a gym buddy is that they might not be as persistent as you or they might simply cancel sometimes. However, with your dog that is something unlikely to happen. Your dog will not cancel working out with you nor will they let you cancel. Because dogs thrive on routine. If you make something their routine, they will ensure that you adhere to it. You and your dog can continue a long walk or run. This comes with additional benefits as well, you save your gym money. You no longer have to spend so much on the gym to stay fit. You also get to spend a substantial amount of your time with your dog.

Here are a few things that you can do with your dog

Power walk

Power walking is the act of walking at 7 to 9 Km/Hr. It helps you to manage weight and reduce stress. As it uses the intense and exaggerated movement of muscles, it is one of the best ways to lose calories. Dogs, in general, tend to walk fast; going out with them on a power walk is the best therapy that you might need. That said, check with your vet if your dog is healthy enough to power walk with you on the interval that you want. Big breed dogs such as a Labrador or a Retriever tend to have bone deterioration, the symptoms of that do not show up in the early stages. Exposing your dog to power walking when he/she has such a problem will only increase the pain.

Dog Jogging

Jogging is not something that you and your dog can wake up one day and start doing. Especially if both of you are not exposed to workout. Take short trips to walking and jogging. Slowly increase the pace and distance.

Dog Hiking

Most hikes never happen because the travel partner canceled at the last minute. Make your dog your travel buddy and you will never miss a hike. Take your dog with you on a small easy hike first to see how he reacts. Based on his response, you can plan future hikes and treks.


Dog Swimming

Dogs love swimming. It is an excellent low impact exercise. The only trouble you might have is to find a swimming pool that allows both of you to get in.

Dog Active Play

Active play can help both of you spend quality time together. Find an empty ground or a park and indulge in games that your dog might love. You can take a Frisbee or a ball and play a game of catch, or tug of war, or perhaps even teach your dog to chase bubbles. Whatever you do, just ensure that you both get the exercise that you need.
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