Recommended Winter Dog Exercises for Your Pooch’s Health


It’s hard for your pooch not to rush out into the powdery fantasy land, with the fresh snow covering your backyard. However, as enticing the scene may be, winters are harsh, especially for dogs.

However, they need to get their daily exercise since lack of movement may affect your pet physically and mentally. Winter dog exercises are a boon for pet parents who live in extremely icy regions or are no strangers to heavy snowfalls. 

We have curated a list of engaging winter dog exercises that will keep your pooch in the best of shape and offer you opportunities to connect with them on a level where they are most likely to engage with you. 

1) Play with them!

Playing hide and seek is one of the best activities during winter to get your pet moving. Hide their favorite snack or toy and let them seek it out. But it will be a great bonding exercise if you play hide instead of toys or snacks. Pups love being mentally stimulated and physically challenged to complete a set of tasks. It will not only help your dog be sharp as a tack but will also absolve their energy levels since a tired puppy is less likely to chew your shoes and carpet corners out of boredom! 

2) Stimulate their senses!

Dogs have strong and incredibly powerful sniffing abilities. So indulging them in exercises that use their sensory prowess can stimulate and benefit their overall growth. Build an obstacle course to find a treat or hide their meal around the house and make them sniff it out. These simple exercises for dogs are enough for daily activity.

3) Walk them!

Even Though there is snow on the ground with some preventive measures, you can still take them for a walk outside for a short amount of time. Make sure to take the necessary precautions and check the weather before bringing your dog for a walk. Know your dog’s cold tolerance level and limit their time outside. Don’t over-exercise them, and keep an eye out for any signs of discomfort. If you notice them shivering too, take them inside immediately. It is especially true in many short-haired breeds. Supplying them with boots and an overall can help protect their sensitive regions and prevent health complications.

4) Indoor training

Make use of the time spent indoors and train them to obey new commands. Teach them social skills and how to greet guests politely. You can also train them to sit, properly walk with a leash, and even practice an exercise routine with them. This will burn off a lot of calories and help them stay fit. Moreover, you will also have a companion who is an absolute delight to those who visit you!

5) Take them to agility parks!

To switch up their routine take them to the agility park once in a while. These parks provide various workout routines for your dogs like ramp climbing, exploring tunnels, walking across the bridge, etc. Some of these parks even offer classes for beginners. If the weather is too troublesome for travel, think about building a mini agility park in your backyard!

6) Use pet treadmills

Pet treadmills are constructed especially for pets, and if you think they are pricey, you can also use treadmills designed for humans. Make sure your treadmill runs at a safe speed for your pet while exercising. It is one of the best ways to help your dogs get toned and keep their energy levels low at the end of the day!

7) Take them to a dog care

At daycare, the trainers teach dogs proper behavior, and your dogs can receive stimulation and exercise, and socialize with other dogs. Take them to daycare a few times a month for puppy socialization.

8) Stair Walk

If you have stairs at your house, then this is an easy way to make your fluffy mate move. This is more like a doggy boot camp. Make your pet walk up and down the stairs. It’s fun to watch your dog bound up and down.

Take Care of Your Pooch this Winter Season!

We have also mentioned that at-home exercises, treadmills, and indoor training sessions are a great way to keep your pooch physically as well as mentally stimulated. However, extreme mercury drops can render your dog susceptible to severe health issues. 

Prevention is better than cure, and that is why we recommend that you add Waggle Pet Temperature Monitor to your winter shopping list. The monitor is easy to install and accurately detects the room’s temperature. In case of power cuts and unfavorable temperatures, the Waggle monitor sends real-time alerts to your phone in the form of SMS and email, empowering you to take immediate action. 

Final Takeaway 

Winters should not limit you from giving your pooch the much-deserved gift of health. Exercise comes naturally to most dogs, and irrespective of the season, it is important for them to deploy their muscles to stay healthy and happy. Hope this list of winter exercises for dogs will help you and the pooch stay healthy, wealthy, and wise!

Have a safe winter!

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