Walking your Dog is NOT a Pastime

Taking your dog for his daily walks might seem like a routine after doing it for so long, thus you might be wondering why there is a day dedicated exclusively to this. The short answer is to create awareness about the importance of pet fitness and how walking them daily will help achieve it.

Note: February 22nd -” National Walk Your Dog Day “

Below are some of the reasons why you should walk your dog regularly?.

1) Walking keeps both you and your dog fit

Walking keeps both humans and their pets fit and healthy. Just 15 to 30 mins walk every day will help you both stay healthy both physically and mentally.

2) Bonding time

Walking every day with your pet helps in solidifying your bond. Switching up routes once in a while, meeting new people and pets helps in socializing. This way both you and your dog can explore a new place and create various experiences together.

3) Walking helps with stress and anxiety

We all know walking every day is great for our body, and so is for our pets too. As it reduces blood pressure and boosts immune systems in humans, it helps to calm their nerves and alleviate stress in pets. Pets can also benefit mentally from doing small exercises.

4) Social magnets

Like humans, dogs are social creatures. Take them on a walk to dog parks where they can interact with other dogs and play for a while. You can also interact with other dog parents and exchange stories and tips. It’s a great way to socialize.

Now that we have given you a few reasons to walk your pet, here are some things you should consider before starting a routine


  1. Make sure your dog does not have any health issues. Take them to a vet and ask them for the ideal exercise routine. That way both you and your pet can be safe during your walking routines.
  2. Make sure your dog has access to water during walks and keep their body temperature on the check. Also keep their paws protected during winters.
  3. Last but not least, wearing bright colored collars and leashes helps during walks.

Keep these key points in mind and have fun!


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