5 Best Mobile Apps for Pet Owners

Pet lovers and parents adore ‘pet apps’ which helps keep their life better organized. If you are a parent of two or more pets, these apps for pet owners make you a better pet parent and pet parenting easier and fun.

Here are 5 apps we recommend for Pet parents

Waggle Pet Monitor

Our first priority is ‘safety’ of our furry family members, so we place this app on top of our list. Pet deaths are on the rise every year with freezing winters and scorching summers. You definitely want your pet to be safe all times right? Use this app to monitor your pet’s environment temperature and get instant updates on your mobile. It alerts you when your pet is at risk of a heat stroke or frostbite. It comes with a built-in battery so you do not have to worry about power outages. It makes travel with your pets in RV/Motorhome safe and hassle-free. The best thing about the app is its ease of use and trusted by thousands of RV and pet owners across the US. Get this app today!


In our earlier blog, we have emphasized how important dog walks are. If you are busy at work or have a baby to take care off, Rover can help. It helps you find pet daycare, drop-in visits, pet walking, and boarding services. You can choose the service near your location, chat with them and pay for it- all right in the app. This is also a great app for dog training and care.

Healthy Paws

It is simple to use the app and the best in pet insurance. Having insurance for pets is mandated in some parts of the country. You can get insurance, submit a claim, upload the vet bills and even refer a friend – all right in the app. And you will get access to a number of pet parenting tips on their blogs. Great app for Pet owners.

Pet Coach

Pet parents have a number of questions. Post your question on Pet Coach and get answered by qualified veterinarians. It could be about your pet’s nutrition, health, safety, training or anything that’s on your mind. It offers a way to ask questions privately as well as see other questions and answers on the public forum. The best part is all your questions get great answers packed with information – all for free.

Meet my dog

The trending app becomes the last top fifth app on the list. Not just you, your pet also will love this app. Because you can arrange meets with other pets near you. In turn, you can meet new pet parents and can learn from them. If you moved to a new city recently and trying to make friends this app comes in very handy.

Give these a try and let us know other interesting pet apps you use as a pet parent. Keep your pet’s protection and happy parenting.


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