5 Things Lady and the Tramp Teaches

 Lady and the Tramp is an Epic classic that every dog lover must watch. After about 60 years, Disney has gone ahead and recreated this classic movie into a live-action film with real-life animals. You can watch the film from Disney’s streaming app, Disney+. 

And, for those who would want to know what this movie is about. Here is a gist – 

On a lovely Christmas evening, Jim Dear presents his wife (Darling) with a beautiful American cocker spaniel puppy. They, together, decide to call her ‘Lady’.

Lady lives a happy life with her parents and later befriends Jock, a Scottish terrier, and Trusty, a bloodhound.

On the other side, Tramp is a stray dog who lives in the same town. He lives on scraps that he finds outside the restaurants. He is friendly and often protects the dogs of the town from being held captive by a local dog catcher. While these friends are having the time of their lives, Darling gets pregnant. This results in Lady’s parents acting coldly towards her thereafter.

Jock and Trusty try to explain to Lady what a baby is, for which Tramp interrupts and offers the piece of his mind. This angers Jock and Trusty and they order him to move out. As he leaves, he tells Lady, that it is a general behavior of humans to throw the dog out when they have a baby. This leaves an impending mark on Lady. 

Months later, Darling gives birth to the baby. Lady grows to become extremely fond of the baby. She makes it her aim to protect the baby at all times. Over time, Jim and Darling decided to go on a vacation and calls their aunt Sarah to take care of the baby. Sarah hates dogs but agrees to their request. She brings her two Siamese cats along with her. The two cats are nothing but trouble makers, they mess up the entire house and trick Sarah into believing that Lady attacked them. 

Aunt Sarah decides to get a muzzle for Lady. When Sarah tries to muzzle Lady, she runs away. Being on her own on the road for the first time, she is chased by a few stray dogs. Tramp rescues her and takes her to the local zoo, to remove the muzzle. 

Lady stays with Tramp for a while. She starts to like how Tramp is free and eventually falls in love with him. But, she is also bothered by the guilt of leaving the baby alone. Therefore, she heads back home to take care of the baby. On their way back, Lady is captured by a local dog catcher. At the pound, Lady learns that Tramp has had multiple girlfriends in the past and it is most unlikely of him to settle down with her. This leaves her heartbroken. Meanwhile, Sarah finds Lady and takes her back to the house. She chains her as a punishment. 

Tramp visits her and tries to apologize for what happened. Upset Lady, lashes him out and confronts about his girlfriends. Tramp doesn’t get a chance to explain and therefore leaves the house.

Immediately after that, a rat enters the house. Lady barks her throat out but Sarah hushes her. Tramp hears Lady and rushes back. He corners the rat in the nursery and kills it. While doing so, Tramp knocks on the baby’s crib. 

Sarah walks in and believes that they have harmed the baby. She locks Lady in the basement and calls the local dog catcher to take Tramp. Soon as the Dog Catcher leaves, Jim and Darling return home. When they release Lady, she takes them to the dead rat. Meanwhile Jock and Trusty chase the wagon in which Tramp is and risk their life for saving him. The movie ends with Tramp being adopted by the family and starting a new life with Lady. They end up having 3 daughters and 1 son. Jock and trusty visit them often. The dogs live a happy life with humans. The movie restores the faith that not all humans are alike and every dog has a chance to live. It also sends a strong message about adoption and how a dog’s life can change totally because of this.

Lady and the Tramp is a mild movie, with no villain. It is one of the best age-appropriate choices for young viewers. It teaches children that dogs will always love and protect them, and also installs a sense of gratitude and responsibility within them. When it comes to strays, they learn how life is difficult for them and the hardships that they face day in and day out. On the whole, they learn about adoption and how life-changing it can be.



5 things Lady and the Tramp teaches you

  1. Not all strays are harmful
  2. Dogs love children and will feel protective of them
  3. Dogs can put their lives at stake when it comes to saving those they love
  4. Adoption changes the life of a dog
  5. The sufferings of a dog when abandoned 

Watch the movie and let us know on our FB or Instagram pages how the little ones at home liked it. If you have a dog, do let us know the ‘before and after relationship’ of your kids and your dog. We’d love to hear about your experience. 

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