The Secret Life of Pets – a Furry Laughter

If you’ve seen the movie “The Secret Life of Pets.” it probably made you stop and think about how your own pets spend their days while you’re away at work, school, or wherever your day may take you.

“The Secret Life of Pets” offers a funny look at the mayhem a group of adventurous pets get into while their owners are away. And while your own pets most likely won’t be stepping out in the big city without you while you’re at work, it is still important to ensure that they are comfortable and safe at home while you’re away.

The storyline of the movie centres around friendship, teamwork, empathy and ultimately perseverance, and offers good lessons for pet lovers and families alike. Max and Duke’s relationship might particularly resonate with blended families and those dealing with sibling issues.

Apart from the story line, the movie illustrates the personal connection we have with our pets, as well as the loyalty, love and trust they have for us. As pet owners, it’s important to remember that they rely on us to keep them safe and secure.

If you’ve ever wondered what your pet does after you leave the house, you’re not alone. Many people do, and some even set up cameras to keep an eye on their pets while they’re away. There is an easier, and more affordable way to make sure your Keep your pet comfortable and safe while you’re away. Try out the simple to use Waggle, IoT-based device, which monitors your pet’s environment and alerts you in case of a change in temperature that could put your pet at risk.


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