Winter Worries for Pet Parents

Worried about keeping your furry family member warm this winter?  You are not alone.  

Frigid temperatures plunging into double digits below freezing is definitely a cause for concern – Not only for us humans but for our beloved furry friends as well.

When it comes to your pets, Take the same safety precautions please as you would for you and your family. Taking care of our pets during this winter is our responsibility as pet parents. Do not let them stay outdoors for too long and watch for signs of frostbite such as shivering, or holding their paws up. If you do see these signs it is time to take them indoors and to keep them warm and safe. 


When temperatures plummet this low, you need to step up your pet’s protection. Pets can get frostbite very quickly when exposed to such temperature even if it is for a short time.  You might think our furry friend is better equipped than us to handle the cold weather but that is not always right. Only some dog breeds can handle cold weather much better than others.

To help you understand the general withstanding capacity of your dog, here is a small table that you can refer to.

The table above is just an indicative guide. The ability to withstand extreme temperatures differs from dog to dog. Two dogs of the same breed can have different tolerance towards cold. To know the temperature that your dog can withstand, it is necessary that you spend time and examine your dog.

The Animal Welfare Act regulations has imposed a rule that housing facilities must have adequate controls to maintain the temperature within the standards (USDA, 2013). Losing a pet to the winter can create a permanent voidness in your life. Get a pet monitor and keep an eye on the environment temperature around your pet. Get peace of mind and free yourself from stress this winter.

While every pet parent thinks they are providing the best care for their pets, they might unintentionally expose their dog to winter dangers and end up hurting them or even losing them.  We keep hearing quite a number of animal deaths during winter and animal care agencies have also stepped up their efforts to reduce such abandoned pets across the country.

If you are leaving them alone or in a dog house, use our pet monitor to keep an eye on the temperature and get peace of mind. You can also get alerted by the pet monitor  the moment it is too cold for them. 

Let’s be responsible pet parents and take good care of our Furry Family members. After all, they are there for us! Why not be there for them and take good care of them!


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